About us

About Us

We are the Guarnaccias, we moved to the Seychelles in 2019 to open Criollo House, our dream boutique hotel and villas on the beach. We love food and holidays so we thought “you only live once” so here we are running our dream hotel and cooking our favourite food for our guests. Our goal is to build a Criollo House in everyone of our favourite countries around the world. We love meeting new people and learning new skills so please drop us a message and say “Hi” or if you’re in the Seychelles our door are always open.


Francesco Guarnaccia, an entrepreneur with a passion for bread making, fishing, jet-skiing, and seeking adventure.

Having sold his successful tech company in 2017, Francesco decided to pursue his dream of doing what he loves and encompassing this in his day-to-day life, thus bringing him to the Seychelles – where water sports, food and exploration are the fundamentals of the Seychellois lifestyle.

Francesco brings his thirst for adventure to Criollo House, guaranteeing every guest has the opportunity to experience the hidden gems of the Seychelles.



Loulou Guarnaccia, a yogi, chef, and explorer, spent 50% of her childhood in the Seychelles with her family, who are native to the Seychellois island of Mahe.

Loulou’s extensive experience as a chef at the iconic Ottolenghi, and Head chef for several notable clients, brings the exquisite flavors and smells of the globe to Criollo House.

With Loulou’s love for creating holistic calm spaces, guests of Criollo House will unwind and rejuvenate in an oasis of tranquillity.


Apartment Balcony

$ 119 / Night

Queen Room Balcony

$ 119 / Night

Luxury Room

$ 119 / Night

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Three Bedroom Villa

€ 595 / Night

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Ocean View Rooms

€ 320 / Night